Business Process and System Monitoring and Maintenance (BPSM²)

IT systems need constant attention to ensure operational efficiency, but DBA analysts are not always able to monitor them as often or as closely as they need to prevent breakdowns or malfunctions. In response, Value Global, LLC offers Business Process and System Monitoring and Maintenance. With this service, your company will be guaranteed 24*7 support for operational systems and applications. Our expert staff will track and profile all issues, based on known, predefined actions, yielding complete transparency for your team and enabling rapid resolutions during your most urgent and high-volume periods. With the assurance of our continuous support, operational and batch processing issues can be resolved before they become problems.



  • 24*7 Monitoring and Maintenance Support, as part of managed service driven by strict SLAs.
  • Expertise in technologies such as Oracle Databases, EBS, P2, SOA Suite, SQL Server, numerous OS and open source technologies
  • Business Process Expertise in inventory and pricing, POS/Web sales to ERP transmission, POs, acknowledgment and shipments via EDI, letdown, replenishment, pick releases, credit card settlement, vendor payments, employee payroll and month-end close
  • Cohesive and Holistic Management of omni-channel retailing, including call center, e-commerce, POS, and marketplaces
  • Streamlined Processing
  • Increased ROI
  • Transferable, Scalable Processes
  • Enhanced knowledge base through a continuous cycle of identifying issues, conducting RCA, and recommending controls to mitigate future risk of similar outages