Value Global e-Commerce Expertise

A major challenge that e-commerce vendors face is the ever-increasing global competition. Whether the business is small or large, generic or specialized, the enterprise has to deal with loss of differentiation, price sensitive customer loyalty, and dynamic global regulations, requiring venders to strategize far beyond the space of traditional e-commerce. Additionally, the current business landscape has evolved into an amalgamation of specialized practices such as e-Marketing, supply chain management, payments, fraud, compliance, and CRM; his specialization can deter organizations from their business focus and extend time-to-market for e-commerce solutions.

Your Partner of Choice

At Value Global, we understand these challenges and believe that success lies not only in the integration of retailing products online, but also in the design and implementation of a complex, interface-oriented business solution. With services that enhance scalability, flexibility, and profitability for multi-channel online businesses, we offer solutions that integrate full life cycle visibility for trading partners, across business units and distribution channels. Our software streamlines the complex processes involved with the capture, management, and fulfilment of orders in today’s multichannel retail environment. Our consultative approach and Application Development capabilities ensure that your solution is tailor-made to realize the highest potential for your business. Our Managed Services and Business Process and System Monitoring and Maintenance offerings guarantee that your technology infrastructure performs at peak condition day in and day out.

With the new "buy anywhere, fulfil anywhere, return anywhere" capabilities of today’s e-commerce platforms, Value Global has the capability to provided the software to manage the front-end website and all the back office operations linked with single, cross, and Omni-channel e-commerce.